Company Profile

Osmo RO Care (A brand by Qnox RO Technology LLP) is a leading reverse osmosis water treatment service provider and a domestic water filter repair specialist for a wide range of brands. We have been creating innovative reverse osmosis solutions for residential homes and corporates all over the world since 2011. Our services range from water filtration, filters repair and maintenance to other customer service maintenance requirements. Osmo RO Care is incorporated by Qnox RO Technology LLP.

Osmo RO Care proudly offers quality reverse osmosis water filters from 1000s residential services to thousands of commercial services. We have top notch engineers who are well versed with all types of filter repair and installation services.

Unlike regular osmosis process whereby water moves from low concentrated areas to an area of high concentration via a membrane, we use the reverse process of it to purify your water. Basically, a semi-permeable membrane is utilized to draw clean water from the contaminated water.

Osmo RO Care uses its Reverse Osmosis Services to reduce the levels of dissolved particles, minerals and silica that contaminates water. Be it filtering drinking water in hotels to treating an industrial plant for clean water, we offer it all. We purpose to meet the needs of all types of businesses and applications. We are the best option when it comes to water purification in commercial and industrial applications.

In a nutshell, our core product is clean, pure water. But our main business is offering solutions for water purification through reverse osmosis. We understand that each and every client/ industry has different water purification needs and we strive to offer customized solutions to meet each of them. Our 4 year experience and our well-able water purification specialists ensure we provide nothing but the best water purification services. We strive to ensure that we provide clean water that is contaminant-free, rich in minerals, micro clustered and with good taste. We fully comply with the set health standards and test every component and system to ensure the highest standards of quality. We not only offer cost-friendly services but also ensure our service rhymes with our quality.

Our services has created a positive impact in the society by enhancing availability of pure drinking water on a wide platform, ranging from houses that bring up our children , security services that keep people safe, municipalities that keep people supplied to hotels that keep people nourished. As we work with those who make life better, we work in ways that preserve and enhance the environment.

Our leadership has focused and qualified personnel who are keen on innovative service delivery that includes eco-friendly residential and commercial services. They adhere to strict policy guidelines and ensure both internal and external audits are conducted to check any violations to the set quality standards. They also monitor our components’ suppliers to ensure they deliver durable and quality reverse osmosis water treatment plants.

Our employees enjoy working at Osmorocare due to the overall work-friendly environment. They not only assist in purifying water through reverse osmosis but also feel part of the life transforming team that provides safe drinking water to areas where water is in short supply.

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